The Remote Communities initiative is an effort to carry the AA message to people living in geographically
remote communities in Australia.
Experiencing lockdown most members are much more aware of how much harder sobriety is if you do not
have ready access to meetings, sponsors and fellowship. Often members in remote communities do not have
ready access to the internet, may not be able to afford a decent phone, may not be able to read or write.
Regional Coordinators are asked to:
 Provide information to members about Remote Communities and how they can assist in carrying the
 Persuade interested members to form a committee and encourage Districts/Areas to include Remote
Communities Reports at Assemblies.
 Write reports and articles on Remote Communities through a variety of media such as AA newsletters
and AA service website.
 Encourage the Fellowship to provide funds to carry the message.
 Identify resources and strategies that will assist in carrying the message to isolated communities.
 Assist the National Coordinator with organising a Remote Communities Forum.
 Available time
 Basic computer literacy & regular computer access
 Knowledge and experience in AA Service
 Understanding of General and Central Service structures.
 Familiarity with AA Service literature.
 Experience in service other than at group level
Experience in PI&CPC would be most helpful
The term of appointment is 4 years if you are interested in this important area of service please supply an
application with a brief address of the suggested skills & experience to and I will
onforward application for review and appointment by the Chairperson of the Trustees’ Remote Communities
National Remote Communities Coordinator
0434 765 549

Southern District Committee is calling for nominations for SDC positions The Southern District Committee has been operational in Tasmania for many years.

Over the years activities and membership has varied greatly.  At times there has been many group representative attending SDC meetings with a wide range of AA related activities occurring.

Unfortunately, over the past few years the has been very little attendance at or interest in being part of the SDC.  Now however, there is a whole new generation of members who are interested and enthused to become involved and get some great things happening again in AA in Tasmania.

The current Committee is well overdue to rotate out of their positions and are calling for nominations from Group Representatives to fulfill the positions of: Chair Treasurer Secretary

The Committee meet bi-monthly, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7.00pm.  Information about the roles and responsibilities of the District Committee can be found in the “Australian AA Service Manual” from page 36.

The next SDC meeting is on 11th June and will more than likely be a Zoom meeting given the current circumstances with COVID-19.  Interested people can contact either Ray, Al or Kathryn to express interest in the positions or to find out more.